Fresh and natural

We make the best Italian sweets for you with the highest quality raw material.


Order online

You can order what you desire online an recieive it at home. Recurring orders are possible !


Fast shipping

We ensure a fast shipping so you can receive your fresh torta, biscotti and other !!!

History, philosophy, values

Quality, tradition, respect for nature and for animals. These few words describe who we are. We are history: the idea of PanDiPanna was born with the thought of Nonna Margherita, the Sicilian cooking genius and hyperactive of the family who was attached to the renditions and just loved all that was good. We search for quality in the raw materials, in the transformations of our products we are always active to ameliorate what we do: we want to tend towards perfection. Last but not least we care about nature and animals: eggs,  milk and cream come from free range Swiss breedings animals because we care about their well being and encourage a more respectful way of breeding. 

Respect for nature

We make a great effort to stop waste and produce the smallest amount possible of waste. We are constantly looking for recycled and recyclable packaging in order to become 100% green.

Best quality of raw materials

We carefully choose the raw materials contained in all our creations and pay attention to how they are treated from the plant to the pack. Our suppliers are not far away. We only have Italian and Swiss suppliers for food and non-food materials.

Respect for animals

We care about the animals, reason why all dairy products come from free range 100% Swiss breedings. This is how we ensure that the animals that give us their products live a happy life !

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